This blog was created by a stepmom for stepmoms to help each of us build within ourselves and our families strength, courage, patience and love. Being a stepmom is one of the toughest jobs in the world and requires an added measure of understanding, acceptance and bravery to handle well. I hope that this blog will help us all inspire each other that it can be done and that we can experience the blessings of joy, peace and happiness in our homes.

Because there are many legalities to consider in terms of stepfamilies and stepparenting this is a place where you can and are encouraged when needed to be anonymous. I do not want your participation here to cause any legal or other conflicts within your families or for your spouse or stepchildren with the other parent.

I want to create a place where you come for inspiration, to lend support to other stepmoms, and for every member of the stepmom community to be able to leave here with renewed strength to love self, love husband and those kiddos no matter how old they are.

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