Monday, June 25, 2012

52 Things Kids Need From A Mom

image via Angela Thomas

Had to share this wonderful book with all of you stepmoms. It had me crying three times in the first few chapters. Written by Angela Thomas, this book is a collection of essays on simple things you can do to bless your kids lives. It is full of love, grace, wisdom and inspiration to help you keep your eye on the important things, create a love-filled home and help your kids thrive. I love that the title is 52 Things Kids Need From A Mom. Not "their" mom or "the woman who gave birth to them" but anyone who stands in the role of mother in a child's life.

I found that it quickly began to change me, change the conversations I was having with Daddy and increasing my vision and perspective about mothering. I immediately began to think about my role as a stepmother on a higher plane, with more understanding of how I could bless my family and it made me realize how I could have more satisfaction as a mom too. I will never wave goodbye to our little one in the same way again after reading Angela's book.

It's a great gift for any mother or soon-to-be mom or stepmom too. If you choose one thing for each week, during the course of the year you could dramatically strengthen your home and the bonds you have together. What a beautiful, simple, and life-changing gift. Check out 52 Things Kids Need From A Mom available at Angela Thomas online store and bookstores everywhere. Angela has also written many other inspiring books you may be interested in so take a browse through the store. Hope you'll enjoy this book!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been reading "Bringing up Bebe" which is really interesting to read from a parenting perspective and has me thinking about some perhaps different ways to help my step children (in terms of teaching them independence and etc.) but this book sounds good for my soul which I could totally use right now!

    Also, if you need a guest poster ever, please let me know! Feel free to reach out to me: nora(dot)laylou(at)gmail(dot)com. Would love to get you know you better!


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