Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Parenting History: Pictures Do Speak 1000 Words

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Last weekend I was going through my photo files working on a project. I ended up just flipping through several years of photos, all encompassing the time since I met my husband and stepdaughter. It was amazing to see how tiny she was back then and file by file see her grow and change. My heart started to beat faster and faster as I remembered all the wonderful days we've had together, the rough times we've gotten through and the joy and love we share in our family.

When I closed the last file I had the overwhelming urge to find someone to high five or chest bump with! I was so pleased to see through our family photos something that it would be hard to say. I saw success, I saw two people who have given their all for this little person -- a little person who is growing into a lovely, smart, caring young woman.

I just wanted to shout, "Damn we did good!" It was a good moment. It gave me courage to continue on, even at the end of a very long, tiring day. We still have quite a few years to go before she's out on her own, making her way. I hope then we'll be able to look back again and think "Damn, we did good."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back In Action: It's All About Love

Ceramic Heart Brooch, Cherry Blossom Design

First let me say I am so sorry I haven't been here for a few months now. Some serious but temporary health issues sidelined me along with some major family events. Stepmom duties have kept me the most busy of all.

I hope you are doing well in your blended families and that over the long haul you are seeing that your efforts are paying off to build a beautiful family. Saturday night as I was getting my stepdaughter ready for bed, I noticed that she had put a hand-cut paper heart on my pillow. I couldn't wait to read what it said.

In her sweet little girl handwriting she shared with me how much she loves me and appreciates me. It brought tears to my eyes. Little kids know who the people are they can trust and who stand by them. As a stepmom we should definitely be one of those people in their lives.

I will save that heart forever. It is such a treasure. I've had a couple of big chances this past week to come to her rescue, once physically and once emotionally. I thanked God I had those opportunities to be the one person in the entire world who could truly rescue her from her distress. What a heartbreaking but sweet joy.

I am so lucky to have her in my life. The cost in life energy, strength, stress, distraction from my goals and desires, and financial security have been gigantic. But the rewards have been greater. Her love conquers all.

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