We Want To Hear Your Stories

We are looking for your stories. If you have an encouraging experience to share here's what we're looking for:

  • has your life been blessed by an awesome stepmother? Tell us how!
  • how did you navigated dating with stepchildren in his life?
  • what fun little things have you done to bond with your stepkids?
  • how you've employed strength, courage, patience & love into your new life?
  • how you've navigated life in a new, blended family?
  • what do you wished you'd known at the beginning or done differently & how did you improved things?
  • do you have a fun name your stepkids call you? how did you decide on your title?
  • how has being a stepmom enriched your life?
  • how have you blessed your husband's life as the stepmother his children?
We would also appreciate tributes and stories from dads about how their and their children's lives have been blessed by a great stepmom. How has she brought you joy and blessings?

We welcome contributions from a few sentences to longer stories that we can break up into a series if possible. We know there are a lot of stepmoms out there who would appreciate the inspiration and encouragement you can provide. Thanks!

Email us at inspiredstepmoms@gmail.com.

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